SysCoLock AG is an internationally operating engineering consultancy with specific know how of professional immobilization of contaminated soil and (non-)hazardous waste produced by industrial processes. The environmental friendly and cost efficient solutions provided by the experts of SysCoLock are based on the use of an unique product, called Syscompound. Immobilization and stabilisation of waste materials with Syscompound have been successfully proven on a great number of small and large scale projects.



SYSCompound is a special (patented) binder. One of the basic ingredients is the ash form coal power plants. It enables to 'encapsulate' all sorts of contaminated materials and aggregates, creating a sort of concrete ('Syscocrete'). The ingredients of the binder can be adjusted to the customers demand, so there is no limit to the grade of contamination or the number of possible applications.

  • Production

    Syscompound is produced by SysCoFlex GmbH in Garrel, Germany. In 2011 a new, 'state of the art', mixing facility was constructed in order to mix the relevant ingredients to produce Syscompounds. In order to guarantee the reqired results a quality management system is operational, consisting of initial tests, control tests and continuous production control. The capacity of the mixing process is about 1.400 tonnes of Syscompound per 14 hours.

  • Logistics

    SysCoFlex GmbH is situated on a favourable industrial area with superior logistic connections. It has a nearby connection to the German highway, a direct connection to an international rail network and access to a nearby local port (Canal) with connections to worldwide shipping routes. SysCoFlex uses own and external transportation means to deliver the necessary amount of Syscompound at the right time at any possible location worldwide.

  • Application

    Although it requires specific know how to produce Syscompound (patented procedure), the immobilisation process itself is rather simple. It just needs a homogeneous mixing process and depending on the application sometimes some compaction. This can be done mixed-in-plant on an industrial site to produce transportable Syscocrete products or as an alternative mixed in place, mixing Syscompound directly with the waste at the contaminated site. This makes the immobilisation process very reliable, even under difficult practical circumstances.

  • Product range

    Basically any building product can be made by filling a corresponding mould with a mixture of Syscompound and any type of waste (aggregates). Depending on the type of this mixture a whole range of technical characteristics like e.g. compressive strength, (im)permeability, bearing capacity, E-modulus, wear resistance, etc. becomes achievable. This means that commodity products can be produced but also more sophisticated products.


Commercial opportunities

In general waste disposal is costly, cleaning up contaminated area's is even more expensive. By using Syscompound almost any contamination can be completely immobilized, which means that the high costs for environmental responsible waste disposal can be prevented. In addition to this, by making building products out of waste, there is even a considerable potential to generate extra income. The experts of SysCoLock are happy to investigate commercial opportunities.